1982 (Y) VW T25, T3, Devon Moonraker, 1.6D, Runner, Easy Rat-look Repair, Camper

….VW T25/T3 Devon Moonraker1.6 Diesel MORE PHOTOS TO FOLLOW This auction is for a 1982 1.6 diesel, Volkswagen Transporter with a genuine Devon Moonraker conversion. The speedo shows 87587 miles. She starts and runs but has an oil leak which we believe is from the crankshaft oil seal. I bought this camper on a whim as I really love the Moonraker conversion and had never owned a diesel T25 before. I already have an air-cooled 2.0 1979 Moonraker that is a long, LONG, term restoration project and I thought that this diesel one would be a quick way to get out and about. Unfortunately, my already poor health has just taken another knock and I am having to be realistic. So, this Moonraker and a few other project vehicles are now going to be sold. Then I can concentrate on just one camper while I am still able to. So, this is a 1982 model with the 1.6 diesel (50 bhp) engine and 4 speed manual transmission. She is ratty, lets not beat around the bush, but she does run and drive. HOWEVER, this does not mean you can buy and drive her home! She will need some welding to the cab floor and plenty of external titivation to be legal and usable. Of course, if you got for the rat look that will reduce the amount of bodywork you need to do! Just saying…. 🙂 As mentioned, she has an oil leak. Its quite an impressive one, even if I do say so myself! We are pretty sure the oil is only coming from the crankshaft oil seal but I am not a mechanic so please satisfy yourself about this. Bearing in mind that many people replace these rather sluggish 1.6D engines with the later 1.9 TDI 1Z engine from the Polo, maybe the oil leak doesn’t matter and you could just swap engines? There are plenty of resources for this conversion both on YouTube and online in general. I can highly recommend the 80-90 Club and its forums. Loads of good people who know what they are talking about. Btw, the headlights in the majority of photos are broken, I have already replaced these with new H4 halogen units from Just Kampers. I have also bought a few of the repair panels needed and these will be included in the final sale. Externally she needs a damn good scrub. There is filler to various areas and one or two holes. The rear lower corners are rotten but I have the new panels for them. The other hole is in a window surround on the rear offside. The front doors open and close fine, the sliding door grates a bit but opens and closes squarely. The tailgate lower edge is rotten and does not latch. The elevating roof works although I suspect the gas struts are perhaps feeling their age as the previous owner Kindly supplied a length of 2″ x 1″ battening that is coincidentally the same length as the roofs elevated height! The interior is pretty much complete but in desperate need of a valet. OK, a damn good SCRUB actually. The original stainless steel sink and drainer, 2 burner Fellows hob and grill and Electrolux RM122 fridge are all in place. Please note, I have NOT checked any of the gas appliances or connection. There is also a Zig CF8 power distribution and charger unit which is connected to a leisure battery and split charge system. The rock and roll bed frame is intact and works fine. The cushions are shot though. The engine in the Moonraker has a specific moulded cover that also forms the rear section of the R’n’R bed, this is with the van. One corner is damaged but that won’t effect its usability. The space in the elevating roof contains bed boards but no mattresses for the double sized roof bed. This Moonraker could be a great restoration project. Or you could do the necessary repairs for an MOT and use her as is, maybe as a cheap intro to the VW scene. Fully restored these early T25 models now fetch over £10k on a regular basis and really are a good investments. I have the logbook in my name and you are welcome to come and see her at your convenience. She is based at my workshop at NG33 5AW. I can highly recommend using Shiply if you need to find someone to transport this camper for you. Just link this eBay ad to your request and sit back and wait for the quotes to arrive. Don’t take the first quote! You’ll find the price will drop rapidly after the first few days. I will be sad to see her go. There is just something about her that I really like. I think it’s because she is ratty and you can see what has or hasn’t been done to her that she feels ‘genuine’ to me. OK, yeah, I’m a soppy old twit! Please ask any questions and feel from to come and view her. Also, check out my other listings as I am clearing a number of projects and camper van based items.

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