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….As is always the case, a reluctant sale. With a wedding coming up and a kitchen needing doing the Crewie is up for sale. Wrong time of year and all that ! Its a 1975 Swedish import , it came to the country a about 8 years ago and was used by a Vw business on the south coast before spending about 5 years with its previous private owner. I have owned it just over a year. Its a lefty – Speedo is in KM To give you an idea of the reliability and drivability – I drove it back from southampton to Peterborough with only some minor gremlins which were the fuel pump packing up, and the barrels and pistons for some reason were full of water and badly scored. This suggested that at some point the engine may have sat outside.fuel pump and bar have been changed.The barrels and pistons have been changed for brand new 1641 barrels and pistons (£250 approx)- they have done about 400 miles. I have only done a thousand miles in the last year anyway.It was also leaking oil everywhere and has had the fly wheel oil seal and the engine seals changed by me at the same time as doing the barrels and pistons. I have spent money sourcing the correct rear seat base (£450), as the one it had that was wrong and in the same upholstery (now sold)I have changed the front lights for a newer type – ill see if I can find the receipt. They will need adjusting so they are set at the correct level. I was told that the crewie was water tight, and discovered the hard way that it wasn’t. The truck bed had a large piece of wood pop riveted as did the rear bulkhead where the truck bed meets the cab. The canvas was allowing water in at the seam and the wood was acting like a sponge drawing water into the cab. I removed the wood from both the load bed and the rear bulkhead. The base of the rear bulkhead has holes (common on the crewie) and now has the holes from the pop rivets. I have sourced and purchased a Classic fab replacement panel from custom and commercial and this was £360. this will come with the truck. Whilst the holes are there since the wood has been taken away I don’t get water ingress. The engine has twin carbs and the engine bay has a fire extinguisher.There are extensive receipts from the previous owner for fuel lines being done. The load bed does have holes in but the majority of the bed is in good order.I have sourced a new check strap to stop the cargo door opening all the way.The structure under the bed (seen when I had the engine out, and from behind the fire panels the other end) looks In good order and has clearly been wax oiled previously. Underneath the crewie appears in good order. not immaculate but no obvious structural issues or holes from what I can see. It will come with a spare wheel which needs a new tyre.the canvas and metal framethe klassic fab bulkhead panela small box of spares including the spot lights it had on it in sweden.A tow bar , attached and that came with it.Two keys. V5 and a small amount of history. It does not have an MOT, as I had no intention of selling , and it doesn’t require one by law, I haven’t put it through one nor do I currently have the time to. please no silly contact.Bank transfer preferred with Crewie released once funds have landed, we can have a cup of tea whilst we wait 🙂 Located Pe6 0sn – just outside Peterborough

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £11250.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

VW Camper Van on eBay