Classic Volkswagen T2 Late Bay Campervan Devon Pop-Top 1975 59000 miles only

….Reluctant sale of “Foxy Lady”, our beautiful 1975 late bay window VW T2 Devon camper. She has just under 59000 miles on the clock. We bought her a year ago, having wanted one forever, but a family illness means that we just can’t get the use out of her that we wanted and that she deserves. The previous owner mostly rebuilt her – she had the chassis fixed completely, a respray and a complete engine rebuild. There wasn’t any rust on her when we bought her and there still isn’t – she has had sheltered storage over winter and looks lovely. As of 20th May 2018, she will be MOT exempt and, as a registered vehicle of historic interest, she is also tax exempt (you do have to register each year to pay £0, but that’s the DVLA for you! She is a Devon Pop-top and has been extensively modified – so this probably isn’t a camper for the purist! However, none of the modifications fall within any of the categories that would require an MOT. She is right hand drive with a large sliding cargo door on the left hand side. She is lowered (not ridiculously so, but low enough to look good – no ground clearance issues!!), and has SSP BRM 8 spoke alloy wheels with 4 good tyres. Paint – white top, bright orange bottom, regularly polished with G3 wax. Pop-top – the original Devon canvas (or whatever material it is) is still there. There are tiny “pin prick” holes in it, but it did not let in any water in a torrential downpour in the New Forest last year. The alloy surrounds on the front door windows on these are prone to pitting and going dull, so we replaced these with a new set last year – lovely and shiny! There is an alloy sunvisor fitted on the front windscreen, for a real california look, and above that there is a wooden luggage rack, ideal for carrying anything you can’t fit inside. She has lovely retro black and silver number plates (plus a spare set of white and yellow, if you prefer). We had a tow bar fitted last year, purely for carrying a bike rack, as I don’t like the ones that go on the bodywork on T2’s, and a bike rack is all the use it has had. As I said, the engine was completely rebuilt before we bought her, and has done under 1000 miles since then. I don’t know a huge amount about engines, but I do know that it was kept at 1600cc, not bored out, and has a “FlameThrower” ignition coil, which helps with engine power and fuel economy. The standard exhaust has been replaced with a “Cherry Bomb”, so it sounds really good! She is fitted with 2 immobilisers – 1 is a kill switch, key operated, in the engine compartment, which disables all electrics in the vehicle. The second is top secret and I will disclose it’s location to the eventual buyer of the vehicle, but this seriously enhances security. There is a leisure battery fitted, with a split charging relay, so it charges when you are on the move. This runs a couple of 12V sockets in the vehicle, but could easily have a hookup or mains charger fitted and an inverter to put normal 240v sockets in the vehicle. The original VW Devon swing out cooker unit (2 rings and a grill with a cupboard underneath) and sink are in place in the vehicle, as are the original Devon cupboard units.. We have never used the sink, but the pump makes pumping noises when you press the button! Inside, there is a 3/4 width Rock and Roll bed – my wife and I can easily sleep in it. In theory, you can have 2 people sleeping in the roof too. We have the original brackets and bars for the roof bunks, but no canvases, although these are easily available. The original steering wheel has been replaced with a lovely 3 spoke wooden one, and the original gearstick with a chrome “Empi”. The rear view mirror is shaped like a surfboard. Interior – it has all been reupholstered, and is good and serviceable, but it is quite bright, being a pink and orange combination! The front seats and rear bench seat are orange with pink trim. The doorcards etc are pink with orange trim – we love it, but as a long term project, it’s up to you. Orange carpets are also fitted. The checked curtains in the picture have been replaced with some much cooler retro style custom made “Orla Kiely” grey, cream and orange curtains – further pics to follow. As well as the swing out cooker, there is a small, tall cupboard on behind the drivers seat where we store chairs and the leg for the small table. Behind that is a rear facing buddy seat. The bench seat has 2 lap seatbelts – they are the airline style “pull tight”, not retractable. The passenger and driver seats have retractable belts. In between the front seats, a large box has been constructed – this provides useful storage space, and also hides a large Vibe subwoofer! There are 4 other Vibe speakers fitted – 2 in the front doors and 2 under the rear bench seat. Combined with the Sony head unit fitted, it really knocks it out – it sounds amazing! Having tried and failed with a Just Kampers retro awning, we bought a new, inflatable pop up Olpro Breezeawning at the end of the summer – it has only been test pitched in our garden, and if we can agree a sensible price, we will throw this in – it is one of these: This adds sitting space and 2 additional bedrooms, making family camping, well, a Breeze (sorry!). We also have a selection of orange things to go with it – picnic rugs, fold up chairs and and a retro wicker basket full of matching coloured picnicware, all of which will go with it. I will also include a bag of essential spares – spark plugs, brake and accelerator cables, bulbs etc, in a custom made orange canvas bag that fits behind the drivers seat. We have a large folder of receipts for work done over the years, and despite our short ownership, we really love her (which you can probably tell from the level of detail in this advert!), and will be truly sad to see her go, but our daughter’s health is more important, so go she must. Viewings are welcome as are any questions. I have tried to give as much detail as possible, but there may be things I haven’t thought of.

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