“POLLY” is a 1979 Bay Window VW Camper van restored to a HIGH STANDARD

Structurally Rust Free. £10k spent in last 4 years.

….Hello, I’m Tom, and I think this is a genuinely really good opportunity for you to buy a classic looking, and really mechanically sorted late T2 camper van. How sorted? Well I’ve spent over £10k (see receipts below) in the last 4 years since I owned it – all of it on the mechanics. You see, I intended to keep it for the long term, but I had plans for life, whilst life had different plans for me. I’m never going to get back in what I’ve spent, but that’s ok. It was fun owning it and it’s given our family some great memories. I bought it for £13k, have spent over £10k, so I’m looking for £18k back. I think this is reasonable in the market given how sorted it is mechanically and how unique it is in fit out. The guy that converted it from a panel van into a camper in 2008 also spent nearly £15k on the conversion. So our collective loss and your gain. I’m now moving with my family to Germany for the long term, and I need the central London (Kennington) lock-up that it lives in, to store my possessions so I can let my apartment. I’d like to hand it on before the end of June. About 4 years ago, I was, like you, looking to buy a camper van. For me it was to take the family on holidays and generally potter around in it as a day van. I chose this one because it had a classic look (I didn’t really care for the 70’s disco / surfer dude look that most of these T2’s have). Also, as the Jacks Garage mechanic put “Woahh this one’s got the bollocks interior, ain’t it“, and it was born in the same year as me, 1979 (yeah rational I know…). It also had a 2l engine so went well enough to keep up with today’s traffic – it’ll happily cruise at 80 on the motorway. In running it for a few months, I started to notice things that I hadn’t noticed in an reasonably extensive test drive. I’m an engineer so I like to think I would have spotted them, but maybe I was oblivious though excitement, or maybe the guy that sold it to me was lucky that they didn’t show up. The suspension and handling deteriorated, the gearbox started making a bad scraping sound and the engine started to stutter. A lot. Oh and the heating didn’t work either (but I knew that when I bought it, thinking it would be a quick fix, ho ho). Jacks garage triaged some of the problems in summer 2013, but It wasn’t until I invested ~£7k with T3detectives in 2014 that it started to become properly sorted. The good news from them, was that there was no structural rust / rot. There are spots of surface rust due to an aging paint job (from the original conversion) which you can see from the photos. But underneath it’s solid, and should remain so because I made sure that they fully waxoiled it. 6 months after T3’s work (I highly recommend their training courses by the way), the engine was still stuttering a bit, and I tinkered on it myself for a bit until handing it over to a specialist in Twickenham (Broad lane garage) last summer, who properly jetted the twin-carbs that had been fitted, fixed some fractured manifolds, re-sealed the tank and replaced all the fuel lines. Over the past 4 years, I also fitted a full roof rack, and swapped the smaller diameter wheels in the front for equal size ones. Smaller diameter wheels had been fitted by the past owners to make it ‘lean forward’ a bit. It did look cool, but people (even little ones) sat in the back couldn’t see the road ahead properly so often felt sick. It only ever broke down once – a snapped clutch cable, which got fixed after a short tow to the local halfords. The root cause of that problem was a worn bushing that freyed the cable (both were obviously replaced). Below is a full description of the van, photos and receipts. Meanwhile below is a list of some things that you might choose if you want to continue making it better. That said with all the effort and work put into it so far, I’m confident that you’d be able to run it reliably for years now just as is. There’s a little bit of bubbling along the seams here and there and that’s due to the original paint job starting to age. You could treat these areas locally (traditional VW colours), or if you had the budget, you could go for a full respray in colours of your choosing!Suspension sorted / engine sorted / fuel sorted / brakes sorted / transmission sorted, tyres are new, and was serviced and MOT’d last August (before tucking her away for the winter).I removed the glove-box to sort out some wiring in the fuse board, so that could be put back in (easy job).I bought a rev counter / tacho which I never got to install (included). My intention was to put it in place of the clock that’s currently in the dashboard.Tidying of the wires in the engine bay. We’ll I’m an electronics engineer by training so I’m a bit OCD, and I expect wires to be super tidy! There is a leisure battery that’s sulfated and needs replacing. It was next on my list to fix up, but as I’ve said a move to Germany means I won’t get to it now.Mileage on the odometer is 39000. That seems low for lifetime mileage so I assume it’s 139000. However obviously large parts of the vehicle (including I believe the engine) have since been replaced with restoration and other work. Yes it’s a decent bus. I could you in the eye and genuinely believe that I’m selling you a really good, safe, and reliable vehicle for yourself or your family. I think that whoever buys it will get a really good deal on this, but you have to promise to take good care of her 🙂 Viewing Logistics: So a quick note about viewing it, if you’re interested. It’s located in my lock-up near to kennington Tube in South London. My goal is to sell it by the end of June, and it may take me a while simply because I’m travelling a lot for my business this quarter. Therefore I apologise in advance that I’m going to be away for weeks at a time, so best thing is to message me which your phone number and I’ll call you back to work out a time I can show her off. That said, it’s sufficiently sorted that I’m confident that it will sell quickly. Of course, I’d really prefer to keep it, but it is what it is – life moves forward. “POLLY” is a 1979 Bay Window VW Camper van restored to a HIGH STANDARD 10 years ago she had a bare metal restoration by her previous owner with no expense spared.Polly comes with a full folder detailing all the work.She left the factory as a Panel van (as they all do) but has had all the correct windows fitted by a previous owner for the camper conversion.She has a Pastel White over Mango Green (both vw colours) and this was a bare metal respray.Her interior is a one off by: CUSTOM. CLASSIC and RETRO INTERIORS by Vaughan Green and Tim Hartley both based in Loughborough. The guys have an amazing reputation in the VW scene producing vehicles featured in many VW mags.MOT August 20182L Engine with Empi Twin Carbs, so pulls well.Adjustable front beamAll furniture hand made OAKBuddy seat designed for cool box to use with 12v connectorSwing out cooker(see pics) with closing lid and lock to secure in place.Twin gas hob(SMEV) with gas bottle under.Top box over rock and roll bed ideal for storage.Table is stored away under top box and can be used inside or out (legs under rock and roll bed).Kick panel with speakers 2 electric plug sockets and 12v socket.All cupboards are fitted with neat push in door knobsUpholstery is of the best quality and certainly is an attractive part of Polly. All upholstery including Headlining made from scratch with complete attention to detail.The interior is cream (buttermilk ) with green piping trimShe has a full width Rock and Roll bed.Porsche front seatsFull set of curtains again made by Custom ClassicsAll door cards covered with etc match seating.Cream carpets professionally finishedSpare wheel cover to match3 rear seat belts Other things to include:EMPI GearstickNew door handlesRubbers seals throughoutAutomatic fire extinguisher fitted within engine bay Here is a link to more photos & receipts in the past 5 years : https://photos.app.goo.gl/DyFyNRt2dFCqFYmo2

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £18000.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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