T25 Westfalia Camper, campervan, motorhome, T3 Joker Subaru, LPG, Solar, 4 berth

A very unique adventure camper extemely well maintained

….This camper has been very well looked after and improved by me over the last 7 years and has taken the whole family of 4 on many holidays and weekends away in the UK and 4 European tours in that time. Reliable, powerful 2.0l Subaru engine keeps up with modern traffic and is happy cruising at 130km/h in france. The Subaru engine can run on lpg (only 50p per litre) and petrol. there is a fully custom stainless exhaust and she will come with a huge amount of Subaru parts. The engine was from a 2002 Subaru impresa with 52000 miles on so has now only done around 62000miles and is running very well and problem fre. She is so reliable I use her for work every day without issue. A very capable adventure camper with a 2 hob cooker, a sink and drainer with running water, both fresh and waste tanks on board, also never short of electricity with 100W solar panel and 2 x 75ah leisure batteries that charge from mains hook up, the engine, and solar panel. Both front seats swivel, new carpet fitted, map reading table and light, glove box and CD player with USB input. I have fitted 4 LED light strips to enable plenty of light both downstairs and in the pop top for reading or cooking etc. The pop top was replaced (however it was 6 years ago so looks worn but will not need to be redone for 20yrs). Skylight, roof rack (box not included), lift assist on poptop so easy to lift with items on the roof. Also a large roof box above the cab with tie down loops – very useful. The interior is the best one ever made and is so practical and useable. There are many large cupboards – the space for storage is amazing and we have stayed away many times and still never filled the large wardrobe cupboard yet. There is a fridge which was replaced 2 years ago and runs on lpg 12v and mains. I installed the lpg underslung tank that is about £7 to fill and lasts a full year (even when we are living in her for around 10 weeks per year and additional weekends. There is a full removable fitted rubber backed carpet that we remove when camped to use outside the door. There are 2 opening sliding windows in the back. The back windows are all limousine tinted and this is very useful when waking up and wanting to look out without being seen :-). There is an onboard charger and split charge diode- again replaced during my ownership, this is an intelligent charger that charges both the leisure and main battery from hookup. Under the rock and roll bed seat there is a huge amount of storage and also the heater which runs on petrol straight from the tank. (we do not use this often but it is useful when needed). Externally during my ownership I completely stripped and repainted her during the second year of ownership. She needed some repairs behind the fridge due to condensation, a very common place for corrosion. 2 years ago some worrying bubbles had reappeared in the new paint and I discovered this was due to the old insulation absorbing water from condensation in the winter and the electrical hook up point was leaking in heavy rain. I therefore replaced all of the insulation with sticky sound deadening foam and silver reflective coating. I also sealed the electrical hook up and covered internally behind the fridge with flat roof sealant to prevent the and moisture problem here in the future. I am sure I have missed something but please do get in touch with any questions, and if you are interested in buying this adventure camper please arrange to come and have a look. She will be very missed by us but unfortunately has to go :-(. Thanks for looking

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £11995.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

VW Camper Van on eBay

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