Van Models

Type 2 – Split Screen 1950 – 1967
This was the VW first camper van, which was modified from the VW bus (known as the Samba) – which itself was adapted from the VW panel van. The campers were fitted out by Westfalia, a coachwork company who worked in partnership with VW for many years. There were a vast number of configurations of the furniture, and other conversions too. The campers had the same air-cooled engines as the panel vans and 6-volt electrics.

Type 2 – Bay Window Camper 1967-1980
The taller and larger VW bay window camper van had 12-volt electrics, a sliding side door and superior engine. It still had the welcoming, rounded shape but with better visibility and more space. Westfalia continued to do conversions, and a large number of other companies such as Devon, Danbury, Canterbury and Dormobile joined the market too.

Type 3 – (Type 25 VW) – The Vanagon 1980-1991
The VW t25 was larger again and provides considerable space. The shape is much more blocky with very 80’s square styling. It was known as the Vanagon in the USA and is often referred to now as the VW T3.

Type 4 – 1991-2003
This is known as the Eurovan in the US with camper versions by Westfalia and by Winnebago. This big difference is where the engine is – in the front! So it has a distinct bonnet.

Type 5 – 2003 –
This van is a direct successor to the T4 so it is a sizeable van. They are not available in the US.