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I was browsing the fantastic BBC IPlayer yesterday when something caught my eye. A Programme filmed in the UK called ‘One Man and His Campervan’ following camper van lover and passionate cook Martin Dorey round the country, as he stops off at various locations taking in the local culture and cooking home made food in his campervan at the end of the day.
Each episode sees Martin at one of ten locations in the UK from Devon to the North East of Scotland, cooking great food using local produce and investigating the way of life for the locals. Some of the scenery is spectacular and you get a real sense of adventure watching the programme, as you see how much fun a Campervan is to own, and travel in.
Of course the programme doesn’t shy away from some of the Camper Van’s many “features”, his own camper struggling to get up gradients, brake, select gears or even keep out the rain! But the sense of freedom is very refreshing.
Although the production is a little low rent, and Martin a bit cringeworthy at times, I still really enjoyed the programme, and the memories of camping at sunset, cooking food, on a glorious summer’s evening came flooding back.

Unfortunately I can only view the last 4 episodes in the series on the IPlayer. If anyone knows how I can watch the previous 6 then please get in touch and let me know!