VW Bay Window camper 1978 with Wedding Hire business

Includes website, Facebook page & wedding hire bookings

….1978 VW Bay window camper for sale with growing wedding business included, based in Midlands area. The bus is a 1978 Viking which was completely refurbished by Johnsons Autoworks in October 2017. The bus was an empty shell in storage at Johnsons for a number of years, and was effectively born again in 2017! As a result there is not a large raft of documentation stretching back for years, but this bus was completely refurbished inside and out, anything it needed it had; suspension struts, brakes, windows out for respray with new seals on all of them, wax oiled underneath, brand new camping interior, brand new upholstery including recovered MX5 seats (Incredibly comfy). The engine is a stock 1600 tp, it was from a trusted customer bus of Johnsons; the customer upgraded to a type 4, 2 litre, and their 1600 went in this. I can’t stress how important the trust I placed in Johnsons as a specialist VW business was when I bought this, and the trust paid off; the bus runs beautifully, and is finished to a very high standard. Whilst we bought this with weddings in mind, it also had to be a practical family camper. So what’s included? New Smev 2 burner/ sink combo, running cold water, 3/4 rock and roll bed, bespoke table hand painted with the bus name “Belle”, plenty of storage including overhead locker, and the cavernous roof space, which has a bed space for two kids, and a separate padded space over the cab. I made bespoke, removable side panels to prevent young ones falling out of bed, it’s an amazing setup that you just would not see normally, including a shelf for night time drinks, and small up lighters. It has a Waeco fridge/ freezer, and leisure battery/ split charge system with one hard wired light and several push button lights throughout. Mechanically this bus is sound throughout, it was basically made as a turn key vehicle for us, completely ready to go, so obviously MOT’d, recently serviced, with nothing at all needing doing. You will not find a cleaner, tidier UK RHD bus for this price; this bus has not just had a cheap blow-over respray, it was done with windows out by a highly respected VW specialist, with many, many show vehicles and magazine features to their name. The bus has NO rust or rot anywhere. The seals are all 100% watertight, very rare indeed, and I have completely seam sealed the Viking roof canvas, and again, I can vouch for no leaks whatsoever, also rare! The bus seats four adult passengers comfortably, one in front, one on buddy seat, two (poss three) on bench. Lap belts are on the buddy seat and bench, as well as full belts in the front. I have added a beautiful, hand made vintage style Aircooled Accessories “Wolfsburg” steering wheel, it really is stunning, see the photos. So what about the wedding side? Well we have been building steadily the amount of bookings via online booking sites, a dedicated Facebook page, and dedicated website. If you search for Blue Moon Bay VW hire on FB, you will find us. There are several bookings on our system, from June 2018 running to August 2019, with a total of around £600 still owing. All of this is included, so the website, the bookings transferred to the buyer, and the logins for the third party booking sites, plus facebook page would be transferred. I have included one photo which really illustrates how sound the bus is underneath, this should give you an idea of what you’ll see if you come to view; I’m totally confident in the quality of this camper having seen so many bad ones before we bought this, I would welcome any inspection. So why are we selling after only having had it for a few months? Quite simply I have a job offer in Australia, and I’m not able to ship it over. OK now the boring bit.. I’m not in a serious rush, and I’m confident in the value of the bus, so please be sure that you have 20k to spend on a VW, and you are serious before making contact. I know that there are cheaper buses by far, but when you get up close and personal, you will see why they are so much lower in price. This bus is mint all over, it has been photographed recently by VW Camper and Commercial magazine, and should be in July or August edition. I’m not a mechanic myself, so I’ll not be able to answer really in depth questions, but if you are that way inclined, you wont be disappointed when you view the bus, there’s nothing to hide. I should mention that since Nov 2017 when we picked it up, it has been in dry storage the entire time, it has been wet three times in that time (twice for camping). The carport we store it in has three closed sides and one open, with full through flow of air (for those really obsessive classic car care fans!) I have also treated the bodywork to Collinite 476s wax all over, it just protects the paint against the UK weather. Also I went belt and braces and treated the gutters all the way round with clear Wax oil for the same reason. I hope this has been thorough enough to give you an idea of whether this is for you or not, and I look forward to hearing from you if you are seriously interested, but again please bear in mind that the price is fixed. Thanks!

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £19995.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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