….Well where do I start, I’ve owned Bertie for about 20 months now and although I’ve enjoyed spending time working on him I’ve realised I’m probably not going to get him finished for some time due to work commitments, I’ve spent thousands of pounds and probably around 800 man hours of love doing this and so the detailed description below will give you some idea of whats been done and what I believe is still left to do. The beauty of a project like this one over others is that most of the hard work has been done. I have taken around 150 pictures along the process and noted down everything I’ve spent and have around £1500 of receipts for parts from vw heritage and just Kampa and schofields etc. The bus is basically a blank canvas and was manufactured in Brazil 1972. It was imported around 3 years ago and have nova certificate of all duty paid. Its a left hand drive 15 window bus running a 1500cc petrol engine with 4 speed manual gearbox. I have the Brazilian logbook so will need registering here once the project is finished. The bus starts runs and drives. The engineThe work on the engine includes engine removal, strip and paint tinware, replace spark plugs, bosch plug leads, drain oil and replace with new and oil strainer filter, replace distributor, dizzy cap, rotar arm, coil, chrome pan air filter, a couple of gaskets, rub down and paint engine, remove FUEL tank and paint, refit engine. The battery was replaced with a good used one as was duff. The brakesWe stripped the brakes front and rear cleaned checked and refit as shoes where good, I replaced 1 rear wheel cylinder and replaced every single brake pipe on the vehicle, I replaced all 4 brake flexi hoses front and rear, I’ve also bought a new handbrake cable but not FITTED it yet. I drained the brake fluid and renewed with new, Front axleWe removed the front axle, fully stripped it cleaned it and painted it, the king pins where knackered so where reconditioned with new top bottom and centre bushes, new seals and shim washers and a set of brand new link pins, regreassed and grease nipples all adjusted. The steering damper was replaced with new, also a new track rod end, new front shock absorbers, and the axel refitted, all bolts where cleaned greased and refit or replaced where needed. The wheelsAll 4 wheels where taken off cleaned and rubbed down and primed, all 4 tyres where replaced with brand new 14 inch commercial tyres, new spring clips where ordered and FITTED to hold hub caps and a set of baby moons good after market chrome hub caps where bought. Panels and bodyworkA lot of work has been done on the body of this vehicle, replacement panels consist of half cargo floor, passenger lower rear arch panel, battery tray, lower B post, drivers inner sill, drivers rear wheel arch and side panel, both front lower wheel arch panels including both new front bumper mounting points, new cargo door skin, both new rear bumper mounts, cargo door outer sill, various plates here and there that we found when grounded back to bare metal, each panel was bought new and old was chopped out and welded in , the welds ground down and skim filled and etch premiered, the front and rear bumpers where shot blasted and primed ( these both still need work ). Bodywise it was taken back to bare metal in a lot of places skim filled where needed and etch primed followed by max Meyer quality primer which it sits in now. The insideThe interior was taken out, in the rear was boarded with 15ml ply board and lino and carpeted, in the front can was stopped back to bare metal, etched, then primed and carpeted, we have had every door off this bus which took us 3 days as all where seized, all where remitted with new stainless hex screws so easy to remove again, brand new rear light bases with lenses and chrome surrounds gave been bought, a chrome gear lever and ivory gear knob, I’ve bought beige original inner door handles, brand new front outer door handles and brand new chrome V deluxe trim for front.

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