Vw t2 bay window bus

….1978 2.0 fuel injected bus ‘Alf’I imported Alf from California in 2013 and since then I have been working on him. He ran and drove when he arrived but I decided to do a complete mechanical re haul.Nearly all parts on the underside of this bus have been replaced. Below is just some of the work that has been carried out.The engine rebuild cost me nearly 5K as 2.0 type 4 engines are not cheap to find original parts for. I bought a lot of parts from stateside tuning NOS from the US.I have has the bus MOT’d even though it didn’t need it and there were 0 advisories. I had it MOT’d before I took it apart so I could register it and it only has an advisory which was a small amount of corrosion on front step which I had a laser cut plate made and welded in. This is a very common place.The front door lock on the passenger side needs replacing.There are still a few bits to finish like sticking on the new heater pods and connecting the snail fan and piping but I’ve run out of time.Steering box reconditioned and new parts addedAll new track rod and steering armsNew Drop spindlesNew front and rear wheel bearingsThe Front beam was stripped and rebuilt.New rear donutsNew handbrake cableNew rear drums and shoesNew hydraulics and springs in rear brakes.New rear baking platesNew discsNew padsNew CV joints.New window seals all around apart from front doors.New window screen ( there was no corrosion under the screen when I took it out)New steel wheels and tyre ( continental)New uprated anti roll barNew shocks all round ( rear are uprated)New steering damperNew clutch cable.New fuel sender – I replaced all rubber tubes in the fuel tank area.New accelerator cable New transmission seals New engine, most parts bought from stateside tuning. The only parts, which I reused, was the engine case and the front fan housingAll fuel injection system is NOS – injectors were cleaned and new seals added where required.The hockey puck in the gearbox was replaced and gearbox flushed, no material came out – although I think the gearbox linkage needs adjusting as when going from 2 to 3rd quickly there is a slight crunch, doing it at normal speed is ok.Mechanically, this bus has been gone over very thoroughly, all nuts and bolts have been taken off and replaced.The only part which lets this bus down is the few dings and dents that he has, he is a blank canvas and needs an interior and some paint.He doesn’t have a roof lining but I have a ply one from SJH joinery that I’ll include.I’ve had Alf just over 75 and still there is more to give but my nerves give out at that speed.As much as I’d like to continue with Alf, he needs a home where he can be used and camped in.Viewing is welcome and recommended but given the amount of money I have spent on him, im not going to give him away. Im pricing him as a bus that needs finishing, if I had an interior and paint the price would be double so no tyre kickersTest Drives also welcome as long as you can show me evidence of insurance My questions let me know The vehicle will only be released once funds are cleared by bank transfer

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £9000.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

VW Camper Van on eBay

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