….A rare Westfalia Berlin T2 LHD 2000cc BayWindow model. We’ve finally decided to sell our T2 Bay window camper van after over 15 years of dithering and realising we probably won’t ever make full use of it. Check the MOTs online out and you will see the decline in annual mileage. 40 years of age this year! This van is in EXTREMELY GOOD CONDITION with SOLID BODYWORK. The guy at the MOT station can be quoted as saying it is the best example he has ever come across!! The story of this van is interesting, in that it was bought new by an English guy who worked in California where it was shipped. To comply with regional US emissions in the 1970’s it had to be fitted with a 2L fuel injected system and was given an air conditioning unit out of necessity. He then worked in Saudi and had it shipped there in the 80’s where it had little use. I have photos of it in a sun baked desert and many photos of it’s subsequent restoration. This will be the reason why there is no noticeable rust on the bus. His UK based sons had it shipped back in the 90’s where they used their skills as cabinet maker and painters to revitalise, completely restore it and add a new folding roof section. The Berlin configuration refers to the layout which gives you 2 berths on top and 2 berths below but with a wardrobe/fridge/storage unit stretching along the side. The front of the roof section folds upwards at the front. I would say it can be described as pretty original and immaculate for it’s ripe old age. I bought it in 2003 when it was newly restored and had approx 83000 miles on the clock which has now got to 95000. (that’s an average of 800 miles per year since I had it and 2375 per year overall) All the service history is with it and I have just had it MOT’d (3 new tyres) and serviced which the garage added a drop of oil as it had done 3 miles since the last service. Also added were a new main battery and a new leisure battery. When I first had the van we noticed that it would stall in stationary heavy traffic which could be embarrassing when in the ferry queue. VW specialists suggested the fuel injection system be replaced with carbs. Major work since purchase has been to replace the over complex fuel injection system with standard carbs, add new carpet and install a gas central heating system which we have never used. The 2L engine means that this van is no slug and it actually sits happily on the motorway and pulls happily up hills which you do not get with the 1600cc. Overall in outstanding condition and retains the original Westfalia look. I am very happy to send more photos or provide a video on request. Any AA etc inspections welcome. No paypal. It has ALWAYS been garaged, it has has an MOT until 29/01/19 and just had £800 spent on it. It has now been cleaned by a high end professional valet company. The photo show the van after cleaning 8/2/18. More photos to follow if required. I’m guessing you will know if this is the right vehicle for you. Please feel free to contact me on 07768 663877 anytime to discuss. (just south of Bristol)

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £27500.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

VW Camper Van on eBay

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