VW T25 Westfalia


….1987 VW T25 Westfalia. Engine upgraded from original JX 1.6 to a 60k mile 1.9 AAZ vw Diesel 2 years ago. Head rebuilt at the time, new head gasket, cam belt, gaskets etc all done when the engine was replaced. Conversion performed with Brickwerks throttle linkage and engine cover plate kit. still uses original 1.6JX turbocharger and exhaust (so there are essentially no custom parts, everything is still VW parts IE: easy to get parts in future when/if it needs them) refrigerator fully rebuilt at about the same time. New 12volt element and new LPG ignitor. Fans added/upgraded inside and out. Works as good as one of these fridge’s ever will. Keeps beer nice and cold. Includes centre pull out bench seat, and removable rear facing jump seat (no they will not work at the same time). The jump seat has a lapbelt and came with the bus, the bench seat I had to track down and it only has ISOFIX anchors, though adding lap belts would be very very easy. I used it for kiddie seats, so didn’t bother.New (never slept in) hammock so sleeps 5. Original to this bus, dealership supplied bike rack, fully reconditioned. (these are very hard to find).Kenwood CD player with bluetooth and USB/headphone jack inputsUSB charge points added up front and in the rear.Sink pump replaced last week, new rear tires, and exhaust yesterday. Leasure battery is a month old. It will be supplied with a full years MOT. Full set of Just Kampers crockery, a load of cutlery, a little BBQ (that fits into a slot under the rear seat like it was made to be there), a full tank of LPG (with the adaptor to fill at UK LPG stations), levelling blocks, the shore power extension lead, with a UK adaptor. Pretty much totally ready for your 1st camping trip. Just add people and some food to fill the fridge. It sits at 70 comfortably on the motorway, and thanks to being diesel even returns reasonable fuel economy. I drove from Winchester to Le Mans France back in June on one tank of fuel each way. I could go one for pages and pages. I am an Ex VW main dealer Mechanic. Bought this for my growing family and aside from a couple of trips to the Le Mans race, it simply does not get used enough to warrant keeping it. That said, It is now a totally reliable bus. I have been thru just about every system on this thing cleaning up prior work and putting it all right. I have reasonably detailed records of everything I have done in the 3 years I have owned it, but far too much to list here. The negatives, and why I am not asking for £14k like everyone else. The canvas has just a month ago torn at the back. About a 8 inch long tear, a family friends kid put his foot thru it while playing in the upper bunk. Its an easy enough spot to just patch with some gaffer tape, frankly thats what I would most likely do. or of course change the canvas, they are under £200. And the paint. Its a very presentable bus, but there is a bit of rust in the seams as is so common on these. It was painted 6 years ago (3 years before I bought it) and its getting close to needing it again if you are fussy. No holes anywhere or anything like that, no massive panels that need replacing, and the sills are fine and solid, but if you look close, there are little bumps here and there on the seams. The photos are actually pretty representative here. Its a good looking bus to walk past, but if you get close you can see its going to need respraying at some point. All that said, its still one of the pretty ones down at the campsite given what the rest of these usually look like….. Feel free to ask any questions and I will talk your ear off.

This VW Camper Van is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £10500.00, this VW Camper Van may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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