VW vans have always been associated with the 60’s, the hippy style and with simply getting away from it all and enjoying yourself. What better way to do this than customizing your van! People have always taken pride in restoring old vans and reworking them inside and out. Here are some fun examples of custom paint jobs and interior design –

Misc Campervan 1 Misc Campervan 2

Misc Campervan 3 Misc Campervan 4

Misc Campervan 5 Misc Campervan 6

Misc Campervan 7 Misc Campervan 8

Funny VW Campervan Road Signs
Used with kind permission from Aidan O’Rourke

Sign 1: Warning: VW Split Screen camper van ahead
Warning Sign 1

Sign 2: Parking space with a slope for VW camper van
Warning Sign 2

Sign 3: VW classic bus and camper van van meet ahead
Warning Sign 3

Sign 4: VW split screen bus and camper vans only
Warning Sign 4

Sign 5: Beware: Ford ahead
Warning Sign 5

Sign 6: Risk of VW camper van falling into water
Warning Sign 6

Sign 7: Beware of collision with vehicle in front
Warning Sign 7

Sign 8: Take care driving in fog or mist in your split screen van
Warning Sign 8

Sign 9: Beware of rocks falling onto your VW bus of camper
Warning Sign 9

Sign 10: Beware of large hoofed and antlered creature jumping into the path of your Type 1 VW camper van
Warning Sign 10

Sign 11: Beware of VW camper van oil leak
Warning Sign 11

Sign 12: End of VW Camper Van
Warning Sign 12