VW T25 T3 1.9DG Pop Top Devon Conversion

….UPDATE: During a recent viewing, the pop-top roof struggled to lift (it lifted but needed quite a push) so it seems the gas struts may need replacing soon. I have lowered the price to account for this.The time has come to sell our beloved campervan Rhubarb (affectionately known as Rhuby) after 3 years of successful campervaning. I’ll be starting a driving commute soon and I don’t think she’s suitable! She’s a devon conversion with dual battery system. Plenty of cupboard space, dual hob and grill, sink, cutlery drawer, electric fridge and gas central heating. We never used the heating, fridge or sink since we’re quite simple campers, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t work! There is a 110V commando connector beneath the number plate flap allowing it to be used in campsites with a hookup which can power the fridge.She’s been incredibly reliable, breaking down just the once when the (original) fuel pump went. Starts every time, idles perfectly and drives smoothly.The interior layout has been amazing and you don’t see it very often – the extra bench seat is easy to step over to get in to the front and really helps with interior flexibility and storage. If one person wants to stay in bed a bit longer, the wide awake person still has somewhere to sit (and cook and drink coffee). It’s a rock’n’roll bed.The roof is also rarely seen, featuring carpeted hard wood sides – the outsides are lined with a thin painted sheet metal, I think. This is more insulative than canvas and has caravan style pop-out windows if it’s too warm.Since having her, we’ve visited every corner of the country with no hills too steep! I have also, as things looked either unreliable or old, replaced/improved parts with the major stuff below:- 50mm lower suspension all round to improve handling, getting under height restrictions and being blown about by the wind – high quality AVO/Bilstein suspension as recommended by SJ Baxter at Brickwerks.- Entire fuel system replacement after some leaking hoses were found. All hoses replaced with bio-fuel so fit and forget with no risk of unexpected engine fires – good for petrol and 100% ethanol! This included the tank and fuel pump. (A high quality German made pump was used, again as recommended by SJ Baxter at Brickwerks).- Pop top roof hinges all replaced with brass so they don’t rust apart again! Otherwise used original parts and worked out nicely! Also replaced skylight since the original one leaked.- Pierburg 2E3 carburettor fully refurbished by Bromyard VW. This was then set up whilst monitoring the exhaust fumes and they are now within original factory limits.She has 12 months MOT.I tackled some surface rust 2 years ago before it got serious, simply grinding away and applying rust treatment, zinc primer and paint. It’s not the perfect job or colour match, but it keeps her solid and you’d barely notice! A few tiny spots of bubble have formed here and there which may want similar treatment some time within the next couple of years if you never want to resort to the welder.Any questions, please call me on 07917729303 or email me 🙂

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